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Burrito Del Sol

organic eggs, cheddar, jack, bacon, jalapeño sour cream  / 3.5 KWD

Wild Mushrooms Scrambled Eggs

truffle cream, parmesan, croissant  / 3.5 KWD

Egg Bhurji

mini pav, onion, tomato, chili / 4.0 KWD

Masala Paper Dosa

sambar, tomato & mint chutney / 4.0 KWD

Harissa Scrambled Eggs

avocado, charcoal croissants / 3.5 KWD

Egg Masala

malabari paratha / 3.5 KWD

Cazuela Eggs

oven roasted tomatoes, barrel aged feta, garlic, thyme / 3.5 KWD

King Crab Thai Omelette

chili, mint, thai basil,  bean sprouts, red curry mayo / 4.5 KWD

Honey Roasted Sweet Potato

poached eggs, pumpkin seed dukkah, barrel aged feta, sourdough, chili / 4.5 KWD

Kaymak with Honey Comb

mini simits / 4.5 KWD

Pan Fried Halloumi

cherry tomatoes, mint, zaatar / 4.5 KWD

Baked Barrel Aged Feta

thyme, honey, pine nuts / 4.5 KWD

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scrambled organic eggs, beef chorizo, onoins, chili peppers, tomatoes, jack cheese, tortilla / 4.0 KWD

Sourdough With Avocado

organic egg, cherry tomatoes, feta, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds / 4.0 KWD

Turkish Eggs

organic eggs, herb chili oil, garlic labneh, sourdough / 4.0 KWD


turkish style scrambled organic eggs, chili, feta, peppers, onion, tomato / 4.0 KWD

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Brisket Hash

red russet potato, sweet potato, onion, bell pepper, organic egg, house
made barbecue / 4.0 KWD

Eggplant Fatteh & Eggs

potato, greek yogurt, pine nuts, pomegranate, poached eggs, garlic parsley evoo, sumac, pita / 4.0 KWD

Moroccan Scramble

harissa scrambled organic eggs, merguez sausages, avocado, chickpeas, red pepper, onion, ciabatta / 4.0 KWD

CR Croissant

organic scrambled eggs, arugula, chili flakes / 3.5 KWD

Corn Flakes Croquette

organic eggs, parmesan, tomato herb sauce, sweet chili mayo / 3.5 KWD

Truffle Scrambled Eggs

parmesan, baguette / 4.5 KWD

Halloumi Bruschetta

charred cherry tomatoes, zaatar, evoo / 2.5 KWD

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Ancho & Cocoa

braised short ribs, english muffins, organic eggs, hollandaise / 4.5 KWD

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Wild Mushroom

croissant, organic egg, truffle, truffle oil, hollandaise / 4.5 KWD

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Roast Beef

house made bbq, maple buffalo sauce, rocca, organic eggs, hollandaise / 4.5 KWD

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Cheese & Herb Manaqish

halloumi, feta, akkawi, dill, parsley, mint, pine nuts / 3.5 KWD

Za'atar Manaqish

three types of zaatar, sumac, evoo / 3.0 KWD

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Sausages & Eggs Flatbread

cheddar, kashkaval, cream cheese, parmesan, organic eggs, mushrooms / 3.5 KWD

The Souk Flatbread

labneh, cucumber, tomato, parsley, lebanese thyme, mint, feta, pomegranate molasses, zaatar, sumac / 3.5 KWD

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Philly Steak Sandwich

scrambled organic eggs, onion, peppers, provolone / 3.5 KWD

Egg & Cheese Sliders

organic eggs, caramelized onions, bacon, sriracha mayo / 3.0 KWD

Maple Veal Sausage

organic egg, caramelized onions, cheddar, cholula mayo, english muffin / 3.0 KWD

The Turkey

parmesan, swiss emmental, avocado, wholegrain mustard, multigrain bread / 4.0 KWD

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Halloumi Slider

za'atar, sumac, onion, pine nuts, olives, arugula, sundried tomato pesto / 3.0 KWD

Pesto Provolone

pine nuts, organic eggs, rocca, lemon aioli
/ 4.0 KWD

Mini Loaded Falafel

aubergine, veggies, tahini / 3.5 KWD

The Country Side

english muffin, black angus beef patty, american cheese, maple glazed bacon, quail eggs / 4.0 KWD  

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country hash browns • smoky bacon • ancho & cocoa spiked sausages / beef or chicken • asparagus • roasted tomato • avocado / 1.5 KWD

miso mushrooms • fries / 2.0 KWD

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sourdough • baguette • multigrain • croissant • brioche • ciabatta


• with your choice of spread •

nutella • manuka honey • blackberry jam • peach jam / 2.5 KWD

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Summer Berries Parfait

honey toasted oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, coconut flakes, red berry yogurt / 3.5 KWD


selection of tropical fruits / 3.0 KWD  

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Pecan & Walnut

• with your choice of full cream, low fat, almond, soy milk •

almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, currants  / 3.0 KWD

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* Gluten Free

The Black Knight*

activated charcoal, sesame crumble, maple syrup, french vanilla bean ice cream / 4.0 KWD

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Chocolate Brownie *

valrhona chocolate, white chocolate sauce, french vanilla bean ice cream / 4.0 KWD

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maple toffee sauce, malt ice cream, peanut crumble / 4.5 KWD

Cinnamon Roll

cream cheese frosting, maple syrup / 3.5 KWD

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fresh berries, maple syrup / 4.0KWD

Magic Wand

fresh berries, blueberry frosting, banana, vanilla toffee sauce, hazelnuts, candy floss  / 5.0 KWD

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* Gluten Free

Buttermilk *

salted caramel, nutella, fresh berries / 4.5 KWD

Lotus Dreams *

fresh berries, biscoff sauce, french vanilla bean ice cream, coconut shavings, lotus crumble / 5.5 KWD

Dutch Baby

fresh berries, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hazel nuts, maple syrup / 5.0 KWD

Hotcake *

fresh berries, french vanilla bean ice cream, mixed nuts, maple syrup / 5.5 KWD

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Red Velvet *

cheese frosting, muffin crumble, milk chocolate / 4.5 KWD  

Oreo Midnight

chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream / 4.5 KWD  


chocolate fudge, valrhona chocolate / 4.5 KWD  

Tres Leches*

  dulce de leche, fresh berries, hazelnuts, digestive crumble / 4.5 KWD

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